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      Joseph Cornell - Blue Sand Box

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    Antarctica as seen from space. Image credit: NASA

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    Human-headed winged bull and winged lion (lamassu). Neo-Assyrian, ca. 883–859 B.C. Nimrud (ancient Kalhu).

    The so-called Standard Inscription that ran across the surface of most of the reliefs described Ashurnasirpal’s palace:

    "I built thereon [a palace with] halls of cedar, cypress, juniper, boxwood, teak, terebinth, and tamarisk [?] as my royal dwelling and for the enduring leisure life of my lordship."

    The inscription continues: “Beasts of the mountains and the seas, which I had fashioned out of white limestone and alabaster, I had set up in its gates. I made it [the palace] fittingly imposing.”

    Such limestone beasts are the human-headed, winged bull and lion pictured here. The horned cap attests to their divinity, and the belt signifies their power. The sculptor gave these guardian figures five legs so that they appear to be standing firmly when viewed from the front but striding forward when seen from the side. These lamassu protected and supported important doorways in Assyrian palaces. (met)

    Courtesy of & currently located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, via their online collections. Accession Number: 32.143.1–.2

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    Letter from Fidel Castro to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 11/06/1940 

    Item from Records of the Foreign Service Posts of the Department of State. (03/05/1923 - 01/1961)

    This letter from tweleve year-old Fidel Castro congratulates President Roosevelt on his re-election and asks the president to send him a ten dollar bill. Presidents receive hundreds of thousands of letters every year from children and adults sharing their concerns and well-wishes with him. 

    Source: http://go.usa.gov/j82k

    ^___^   lol  ¡Fidelito, ese niño adorable!

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  6. "The idea of anarchism, the teaching of a renewed life for man as an individual and as a social being, is therefore bound up with man’s self-awareness and his awareness of the suppurating sore of injustice in modern society. Anarchism exists therefore only illegally or semi-legally, never in total legality."
    — Nestor Makhno, The Anarchist Revolution (via anarchistcommunism)
  7. contro tutti i poteri costituiti

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  9. is it a kind of Dobos cheesecake?

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    goddamn this is beautiful

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    hiába van kávéfőző, néha már csak a fíling kedvéért be szoktam üzemelni a kotyogósom (kéne is újat venni a mostani, törött tetejű helyett), avagy ‘reggelt!

    kotyogossal lehet fozni a legjobb kavet

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