1. hiddurmitzvah:

    The “Kriegs-Hagadah” was published in 1915 in honor of Jews serving Germany in the First World War on the battle fronts, as well as families of military personnel whose sons and / or husbands were away fighting. This Hagadah was regularly used by Jewish Feldrabbiner in the celebration of the Passover for Jewish military men in the battlefield.

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  2. manuscriptjourneys:

    Merton College, Oxford (7) Upper Library. June 2008 by nican45 http://flic.kr/p/4YkNKe

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  3. "O beatissime lector, lava manus tuas et sic librum adprehende, leniter folia turna, longe a littera digitos pone. Quia qui nescit scribere, putat hoc esse nullum laborem. O quam gravis est scriptura: oculos gravat, renes frangit, simul et omnia membra contristat. Tria digita scribunt, totus corpus laborat. Quia sicut nauta desiderat venire ad proprium portum, ita et scriptor ad ultimum versum."

    Colophon of an amanuensis of the VIII century CE.

    (“Dear reader, when you take this book wash your hands, turn the pages gently and keep your fingers away from the letters. Since those who don’t know how to write believe that this is not tiring, but on the contrary how heavy writing is! It strains the eyes, brings back-pain, fatigues all the limbs at the same time. Only three fingers write, but the whole body labours. As the sailor wants to get to his port, so the copyist yearns to reach the last line.”)

  4. leradr:

    final pages of “Liber Floridus”, XII th century

    Actually they are page 19 verso and 20 recto. See the digitized manuscript on the Ghent University Library website.

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  5. johnhorne66:

    'Rabbit Hunt' 1560 is the only etching known to have been executed by Pieter the Elder Bruegel, and was perhaps the highlight of the exhibition…

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  6. I “laghi bianchi del silenzio” fino ai quali Paolo Conte insegue la sua verde milonga

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    Mars’ Olympus Mons, The Tallest Mountain in our Solars System, as Seen From Orbit

    The volcano’s outer edge consists of an escarpment, or cliff, up to 8 km (5.0 mi) tall (wikipedia).

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    Consumerism: the price of everything, the value of nothing

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    "thorns" anatomical heart collage by bedelgeuse

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  12. Una rara foto del Colombre. Qualcuno dice che sia un normale pescegatto.

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    Reblog if you do to

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